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  • Henry Haugland

Sales Acceleration

We help clients accelerate sales by concentrating on people, process and tools.

People: In today’s crisis environment, organizations that have sales teams that sell consultatively, sell value, and hunt aggressively will survive and most will prosper. They will take market share from competitors.

The most effective way to achieve a high-performing sales force is to hire high-performing sales reps. The only way to have a 92% assurance that a sales candidate will sell your product, in your markets, against your competition and at your prices is to utilize Objective Management Group’s sales candidate assessment process.

As an OMG Certified Partner, Webreply can help you make sure that you are hiring winners not whiners.

Give your entire sales team an MRI? We can help you evaluate your entire sales team quickly. Some of the key findings will be to identify specific skill training required by your reps. By executing highly targeted training you can change productivity quickly.

Sales-Seeker Process: We help your sales teams develop and execute highly effective multi-channel lead generation programs designed to increase the number of discovery calls that are executed. A vital ingredient is the implementation of easy to implement account-based selling. By providing specific training on conducting powerfully effective discovery calls you will see your pipeline grow and then closed deals increase.

Tools: As a Certified SalesLoft Partner we can help you enjoy the force multiplier delivered by an exceptional sales engagement platform. If you are focused on generating new names and you are selling mission critical products and services your ROI can be measured in weeks.


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