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  • Henry Haugland

How to Leverage the Economic Recovery

From the Wall Street Journal on June 3: The Economic Recovery Is Here. It’s Unlike Anything You Have Seen. Just a year ago, many companies were dealing with the evisceration of their revenue streams and disappearance of customers. They were downsizing while frantically searching for alternate revenue sources. For many, survival was in doubt.

Today the challenge is adapting to exceptional growth opportunities in real time. Threats are abundant. Everything from supply chain issues to the inability to find enough new employees. CEOs know that if they can’t satisfy their customers, a competitor will.

How can you optimize your ability to capitalize on the economic recovery? In order to exploit new opportunities and manage emerging risks, it is essential to have ready access to timely, relevant data.

Creating organization-wide interactive live KPI analytics dashboards is rapidly becoming a powerful competitive differential.

Sadly, digital transformation efforts often fall short because they are assumed to be an IT application and implementation is assigned to IT departments.

Often, no one really owns the responsibility for helping internal users visualize what data is available, what is possible and what the goals should be. All too often a dashboard implementation is basically repackaging existing spreadsheets and pdfs with pretty graphics. Missing is a concerted effort to determine how to make every employee more productive by making relevant data immediately available.

Fortunately, some organizations have found that their digital transformation efforts are bearing fruit. Some are even discovering that dynamic dashboards can deliver high value to their most important constituency – their customers.

Providing customers with personalized high value data is a meaningful way to help you stand out from your competitors. Let us show you how to implement a uniquely powerful client engagement process using dynamic dashboards.


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